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Illumination of a renovated historic building in Calle París in Barcelona.

We present the latest lighting project carried out by the Faro Barcelona project team. This is a building with a façade of more than 500 metres on the corner of Paris street in Barcelona. A building from 1900 with an imposing presence that the architect has wanted to preserve the original façade from the beginning but creating luxury housing inside. The project consists of two adjoining buildings that have been designed in the same way to maintain the homogeneity between them.


In this building, different lighting solutions from Faro Barcelona have been selected to complete the project.


Foyer lighting


In the reception area of the building, the lighting effect created by the suspended version of our STAN luminaire stands out, as well as the ceiling surface model installed in the passage areas of the lobby.



A perfect solution to illuminate the hall of this development, bringing functionality and elegance to the area.


Car park lighting


One of the strongest and most attractive points of this project is undoubtedly the lighting design of the car park. An aesthetic and original result thanks to the installation of continuous lighting with LED profiles. In this way, a fully illuminated and safe car park is achieved, but with great visual comfort and avoiding any type of glare.



The continuous and homogeneous lighting of the car park allows for easy orientation as well as a striking and attractive visual effect. Continuous, sensor-operated luminaires have been installed in the individual parking areas so that they are only activated when they detect a presence.


This contributes to high functionality and practicality, as well as efficient and sustainable use of lighting in areas where people spend very little time, but where energy consumption is often very high. In addition, the walls leading to the lower level of the car park have been illuminated with continuous light wallwashers, creating a decorative as well as functional effect in areas that normally go unnoticed and are left with shadows that are unsightly and unsafe for users.



Terrace and pool lighting


For the outdoor communal area we have used our LOTH luminaires, a modern style outdoor surface-mounted luminaire made of aluminium, ideal for signage lighting. These luminaires create small points of light that are strategically placed on the wooden decking that runs along the terrace of the building.



For the lighting of the walls we have used our BLIND exterior wall light made of die-cast aluminium. This wall light is ideal because it has directional fins that allow you to control the light beam and achieve a functional as well as decorative lighting.


In the passage areas of the terrace, the MUST outdoor wall light has been installed. Made of ABS and transparent polycarbonate diffuser, it provides a very warm light to the spaces. This modern wall light with a light outlet at the bottom is ideal for signage on terraces, gardens and outdoor passageways.


All these luminaires are IP65 or higher, which gives them high protection against rain and solid bodies.



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