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Casa del Berro - Single Family Home in Madrid

Casa del Berro, is an oasis of luxury in the centre of Madrid. Developed by the Jiménez & Linares architecture studio, it is a comprehensive reform of a single-family home where Faro Barcelona luminaires have been selected for the kitchen area, the living room area, the bedroom and the bathroom.

The house, built at the end of the 1920s, has been designed taking the original image of the house as a reference: a white volume, with large exterior windows and a Roman-style ceramic roof, surrounded by a garden that seems to climb the facade, through the incorporation of forged steel planters.



The main objective was to be able to create new functional, diaphanous and light-filled spaces. This is where lighting has played a very important role by integrating perfectly into the design.


Faro Barcelona products


In the area where the dining room and kitchen are located, our TECTO ceiling lights have been installed, in white to be in tune with the aesthetics of the house, it is a modern-style ceiling lamp designed for general home lighting. TECTO offers an innovative design, perfect for giving the space a modern but at the same time elegant touch.



In order to complement the lighting of the pendant lamp, we have chosen to place our OSLO wall light, square in shape and white, which provides light from above and below, allowing rooms to be illuminated homogeneously.

This space is wrapped in a perforated mesh in the shape of palm trees that acts as a large screen that projects different shadows depending on the light. The result is something like walking through a large vine that connects the different spaces of the house through double heights.



For the bedroom, we have chosen to place two EACO wall lights, modern in style and made of plaster, they are perfectly integrated into the space, offering a very warm light.



We wanted the bathroom lighting to be as comfortable as possible. GALO, is a recessed lamp that, thanks to its IP54, allows lighting areas with a high degree of humidity without being damaged, is the best option when you want to achieve general lighting.



At all times, local and traditional materials have been used, betting on natural textures such as lime mortar on the façade, Paloma Stone (national quarry) on the baseboards and the semi-basement floor, fired and glazed ceramics from a Granada craft workshop in the patio, the travertine in bathrooms, the plaster lights, or the oak floor and kitchen.


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  • Architecture: Jiménez & Linares
  • Project team: Elena Jiménez & Abelardo Linares
  • Technical architect: Francisco Daniel Melchor Gallego
  • Construction company: Serviteco Obras
  • Photography: David Zarzoso