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MINE and a flat with a lot of history

“Seeking to remove the layers of years of modifications and return their simplicity” was, in the words of the interior designer Cosma Mussachio, the main objective of the Vilardell project.

We are in Barcelona’s Sants neighbourhood, in a flat built in 1902 with natural light entering through three different points, a spacious dining room, kitchen, bathroom and three large bedrooms, one with a balcony and dressing room. Mussachio managed to rescue the original materials and simplify the design of the entire dwelling. Now walls, beams and a beautiful pressed tile floor in the kitchen and corridors stand out.

The MINE pendant lamp can be found in one of the master bedrooms, where it hangs on both sides of the bed and is an integral part of a bedroom of light tones. The wall acting as headboard is disrupted with original materials and the combination of both elements gives it a modern, singular air. The Nahtrang-designed light has wooden elements which provide warmth and it projects a warm light that is perfect for lighting a bedroom like this one.

Project: Vilardell
Interior designer: Cosma Mussachio
Product: MINE