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The perfect touch for a historic renovation in the Ribeira Sacra with Faro Barcelona luminaires.

In the heart of the enchanting Ribeira Sacra, where natural landscapes intertwine with history and culture, lies an ancient architectural treasure that has been masterfully transformed to suit the needs of contemporary tourism. Mar de Kev S.L, has carried out an outstanding refurbishment on an early 19th century house, and to highlight its historical essence, Faro Barcelona luminaires have been used, a careful choice that has added a special touch to this project.


bedroom lighting


Respecting the historical essence


When it comes to renovating old spaces, finding the balance between preserving history and introducing contemporary elements can be a challenge. In this respect, the choice of lighting fixtures is essential, as they can enhance the beauty of the renovated spaces and add a unique style.


Lighting as a key element in the renovation


The house, with its granite walls and chestnut roofs, has a layout that respects its original structure. However, lighting plays a key role in creating a welcoming atmosphere and highlights the historical details that have been preserved.


The choice of Faro Barcelona luminaires


In the main flat, called "O Fogar" (The Home), the Le Petit LED luminaires, in bronze designed by Àlex&Manel Lluscà, have become a centrepiece that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the living room. Their soft, diffused light illuminates the old stone walls, highlighting the texture and historical charm of the house.


lighting - petit luminaire


In the one-bedroom flat, known as "A Costura" (The Sewing), the PURE luminaire designed by Nahtrang has been used. Its minimalist and modern design blends perfectly with the traditional elements of the house. This luminaire, strategically placed above the kitchen table, provides functional and stylish lighting, creating a contemporary space in the midst of history.


lighting - pure luminaire


Finally, the studio, called "A Corte" (The Stable), has been illuminated with the SAVOY lamp in black designed by Isaac Piñeiro. Highlighting the uniqueness of the space, creating a sophisticated and modern atmosphere. The directed light highlights the architectural details, such as the exposed wooden beams and the stone walls.


lighting - savoy luminaire


Lighting as a determining factor


Mar de Kev S.L. is committed to sustainability and seeks solutions that not only beautify spaces, but are also environmentally friendly. Faro Barcelona meets these requirements, using energy-efficient LED technology and providing high quality lighting that contributes to long-term energy savings.


In addition to their aesthetics and efficiency, the luminaires have been harmoniously integrated into the renovation of the house thanks to their versatile design that adapts to different decorative styles and perfectly complements the historical and traditional elements of the house.


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DEVELOPER: Kevin Martín Murciano, CEO of MAR DE KEV S.L., tourist accommodation company, www.housebyKev.com.


ARCHITECT AND INTERIOR DESIGNER: Lucía Ladrón de Guevara Oliva, freelance.