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We illuminate the new Concept Barre center in Barcelona

Lighting design plays a fundamental role in creating versatile and functional environments. In the case of the lighting project for the new Concept Barre centre in Barcelona, the task was to create a space that would accommodate a variety of activities, from gymnastics and ballet to pilates and yoga. The primary objective was to achieve lighting that would perfectly adapt to the diverse lighting needs of these varied activities. To accomplish this, our project team at Faro Group relied on an advanced control system and a carefully selected range of luminaires.


Control as a Key Element: CASAMBI


One of the key elements in this lighting project is the CASAMBI control system. This system allows for the creation of different lighting scenes, which is essential in a space hosting various activities. With CASAMBI, it is possible to adjust the intensity and colour of the light simply and precisely, ensuring that the lighting is always optimal for the ongoing activity.


Luminaires Tailored to Every Need


The versatility of this lighting project is reflected in the variety of luminaires used:


  • LED Strip 19.2W 3000K IP20: Used to provide indirect lighting on mirrors and in bathrooms, this LED strip is ideal for creating a relaxing and functional atmosphere, with the ability to adjust light intensity at any time via a button or a tablet.


  • Circular special profile wall-mounted RGBW fixtures placed in the main hall to delineate this space, allowing for the adjustment of light colour and temperature according to the needs, making them perfect for more relaxed activities such as yoga.

  • Kera Wall Applique: An elegant and functional addition, a minimalist applique positioned above each toilet door. It allows for on and off based on toilet use (occupied or available) with the installation of a sensor.


  • RGB IP20 LED Strip: positioned in the passageway between the main hall and the changing rooms, it allows for light colour adjustment from the centralised CASAMBI control, creating a lighting effect on the folded aluminium sheet that enhances the continuity of the main space.




The lighting project carried out by the project team of Faro Barcelona is an impressive example of how lighting can adapt to a variety of needs in a multifunctional space. With an advanced control system like CASAMBI and a carefully selected range of luminaires, an atmosphere that promotes comfort, functionality, and creativity has been achieved. This project demonstrates that lighting goes far beyond simply turning on lights; it is...