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A story of success in interior lighting: The MYCSA Project

At Faro Barcelona we are very proud to present a new lighting project together with EMMME Studio.


The challenge was to be able to illuminate the offices of the MYCSA company in an integrated way to give them a warm and homey atmosphere without losing the technical needs of lighting that a space as large as these offices requires.




How do we get lighting to give prominence to spaces? By combining different types of integrated lighting that would allow the values of the slow home office to be transmitted. But what is Slow home office? and what was the role of Faro Barcelona in lighting? Here we will tell you everything!


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What is the MYCSA Project? 


It is a very ambitious project to design the interior of the offices of the company MYCSA in Madrid. This is a new work in which the main challenge was to be able to transform a very large space into a warm and welcoming place away from traditional offices with very closed spaces, few integrators and very cold lighting.


The idea was to be able to design an environment that conveyed the values of the Slow home offices, a new design concept to work with current workspaces developed by EMMME Studio. Where the main objective is to create spaces focused on the well-being of people where they can feel happier and more comfortable working.


The project was quite ambitious in terms of interior design, since lighting not only played a very important role at a technical level but also at a design level. It was necessary to find a type of luminaire that would provide added value, being able to solve the very different lighting needs that existed.


What  lighting needs and challenges were faced?


The goal was for each area to have its independence while still providing continuity to the space, playing with the light so that, at certain times, it becomes the protagonist and at others going more unnoticed to add value to other design elements such as furniture, architecture, materials and spatiality.


This is where Faro Barcelona has played a very important role at a technical and advisory level to be able to choose the best lighting options for each of the spaces, managing to capture the ideas of environments that EMMME Studio wanted to achieve.



The main challenge was to achieve all the above, without forgetting that it was a work space with very specific needs and where lighting has a very important weight for the visual comfort of the workers.


What was sought with the interior lighting? Manage to enhance the spaces using a very technical lighting but at the same time the luminaires were part of a very careful and representative design of MYCSA to promote and value its unique style. 


What was the contribution of Faro Barcelona in this lighting project?


Our team had the clear idea that it was a project where the lighting should have its own leading role and with a very careful style. From the beginning it was known that these offices were going to be a unique and welcoming space where each corner had its own personality.


How to achieve warm lighting without losing all functionality?


Thanks to good planning where lighting has been thought of as one of the main pieces that has helped to highlight the figure of each corner. Betting on the combination of different luminaires, with shades adapted to each point, taking into account the lighting needs required by each specific space.


The appropriate technical and aesthetic combination in the right proportion have made it possible to create a work space with maximum visual comfort.


What has made this project special?


The lighting design for the work areas where a custom structure was designed to fit in with a standard product such as the VIA luminaires, responding to an open floor plan with freedom of growth and configuration.


In addition, this structure that was designed from the studio allowed to solve the handicap of combining the lighting with the rest of the exposed installations, as there were no false ceilings or technical floors. Turning what a priori could be a problem into a virtue.


How has the interior lighting of the office been enhanced?


As we have been mentioned before, the lighting has been the great protagonist to manage to divide the different areas without losing continuity, providing maximum comfort in those areas more for rest and maximum lighting in those areas more focused on work.


Next, we will explain the planning of the lighting:


  • Work areas

For the work areas, we decided to use different combined luminaires to achieve maximum lighting comfort.


In the areas where the work tables are located, VIA luminaires have been used, they are the best choice because they do not produce glare, achieving much more direct lighting.


For the meeting rooms, the MUTE pendant lamp designed by Nahtrang has been used, which manages to promote concentration and prevent fatigue. Thanks to its recycled PET body, it absorbs sound reverberation and its glass diffuser softens the light, producing great visual comfort.




  • Common areas

For general areas, much warmer lighting has been chosen, in order to achieve more relaxed environments. To do this, ART pendant lamp holders have been used, giving a very modern and up-to-date touch that has been perfectly integrated into the decoration.


In most areas, indirect light has been used on ceilings or walls thanks to LED strips.


In some areas, such as the cafeteria, the STAN track projector has been used, perfect for providing direct light on the tables and at the same time creating more ambient lighting in the rest of the space. In addition, different luminaires from the same STAN family have been chosen, such as the STAN pendant lamp to uniformly illuminate areas such as meeting rooms. Choosing lamps from the same family has made it possible to achieve the same style at all times.  




  • Reception area

Inside the reception, different luminaires have been used depending on the specific need. For the area of the tables, four DANKA LED pendant lights have been used, in a minimalist style that allows creating a perfect ambient light for this type of area. Thanks to its modern and carefree style, it has allowed it to be perfectly integrated into the space.


To reinforce and achieve indirect lighting, we wanted to highlight the way in which the LED strips have been worked to highlight the brand logo and the profile of the stairs, achieving great results!




 Why did EMMME studio chose Faro Barcelona?

  • For the product offer.
  • The advice and support of the technical and commercial team, providing solutions not only before the project but also during its execution.
  • The availability of the entire team despite the complexity of the project.


The MYCSA project has been a great challenge that has met all expectations in terms of lighting. Thanks to the combination of the work of the EMMME Studio team with our knowledge and experience in lighting, we have managed to create a magical, unique and, above all, comfortable space.


Do you want us to help you achieve the same results? Contact us! We will be delighted to be part of your project.



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