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Moda, estilo y ventilación

A stylish industrial touch


The JUST FAN, designed by Conillas, is much more than just a cooling device. Its industrial and contemporary design, with a stylised metal skeleton, adds an avant-garde touch to the decoration of Shonmoot Barcelona. Its striking and striking appearance makes it a key piece that blends perfectly with the modern style of the shop.


moda, estilo y ventilación


Intelligent and efficient ventilation


In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the JUST FUN ceiling fan stands out for its intelligent and efficient operation. Thanks to its energy-saving DC motor, it offers exceptional performance with minimal energy consumption. With 6 adjustable speeds, the intensity of the airflow can be adjusted as required, creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere in every corner of the shop.


Reverse function for all seasons


The versatility of the fans is another highlight. Thanks to their summer-winter reverse function, Shonmoot can make the most of these fans all year round. During the colder months, the reverse function redistributes the warm air accumulated in the ceiling, improving the efficiency of the heating system and creating a cosy atmosphere for customers.


ventilación inteligente


This project has succeeded in creating an exceptional environment where fashion meets smart and stylish ventilation. Faro Barcelona fans integrated with innovative design elements can completely transform the shopping experience.

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