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Lighting project Durán dental and aesthetics clinic

The Durán dental and aesthetic clinic is a space that seeks to combine functionality with a cosy and warm atmosphere. The lighting project focuses on creating a comfortable space for patients and at the same time providing quality technical lighting for the work areas, combining warm and cooler lighting.


The warmth of the wood and the curved lines envelop those who enter this space. No one would say that it is designed to receive patients who arrive with a certain nervousness and fear at the idea of opening their mouths before the dentist, but it is so: the team of Febrero Studio has managed to create in 250 square meters a cosy atmosphere in the Durán dental and aesthetic clinic.


In terms of lighting, different areas have been worked on:



Reception and waiting area lighting


Upon entering, the patient finds the reception and waiting area, which the team has given an urban character “to welcome clients in a very warm environment”. To achieve this, the studio has included vegetation and paving “as if it were a private extension of the urban space”, as the architect of the project explains.

In this area, the aim has been to create a relaxed and calm environment for patients while they are waiting for their appointment. Our SCUBA pendant lamp has been used, but instead of being placed horizontally, they have been placed vertically.


With industrial style, the light beam is projected, on one side of the tube, providing a warm, yet functional light. This creates a cosy atmosphere and is complemented by spotlights to illuminate the work areas of the reception.


Lighting in the office area 


In this area, the aim has been to achieve more precise and functional illumination. Our STAN white ceiling lights have been used. These ceiling lights provide general ambient lighting that helps to generate a homogeneous light to perform basic and functional tasks.



Bathroom lighting


In the bathroom area, our MOY wall lamp, designed by Nahtrang, has been installed. It is a round lamp of a modern style that provides uniform light.


In terms of materiality, high-quality and durable materials, such as LED lamps and stainless steel finishes, are used to ensure efficient lighting and easy cleaning. In addition, decorative elements are integrated to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere.


In short, this is a space of tranquillity, a quiet place that breaks with the stereotypes of clinics and moves to a different experience.


Photography: German Saiz

Project: Durán Clinic