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La Caseta, a natural and welcoming space

The La Caseta project is born from a small empty warehouse. From the very beginning, this renovation posed an exciting challenge for Maria Buira, whose interior design studio was in charge of this fantastic transformation.



La Caseta is presented as an open space where kitchen and living room coexist harmoniously. The main objective of the studio was to maintain the rustic and organic essence that characterizes La Caseta. Therefore, exposed brick and the sloping roof were two elements that had to remain in the renovation.


Our Nassau ceiling fan, suitable for sloped ceilings, integrates perfectly into the space, providing greater dynamism without compromising the calm and naturalness of La Caseta.



To illuminate the exterior, our wall sconces Pals and Kerala were used, which accompany La Caseta with simple lines, without overwhelming the space. The earthy and green color palette of La Caseta manages to create a balanced atmosphere between the new finishes and the original base of the space, playing with the irregularity of tone and shape of the bricks, as well as with the texture of the materials.


The final result is an idyllic, welcoming image that transports us to an ideal setting for special moments by the fireplace.