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Faro Barcelona lights up LIVING in Hungary

LIVING Homes is a flagship lighting project, located in Hungary, is one of the largest real estate developers in Budapest. The design concept and development by Designdetox makes their visual and lighting effects look minimalistic, linear and contemporary. They have a very definite aim; to serve their clients and provide them with a courteous service.


They have one source of natural light and limited views to the outside, so they have sought a warm general lighting, with the aim of bringing nature to the interior and giving the feeling of a bright and airy space. Some of the luminaires used are as follows:


Exhibition area


For this area, the SAIGON pendant lamp designed by Nahtrang has been used. This yellow toasted-coloured pendant lamp is perfect for illuminating large spaces and giving them personality. It has an original shade made of ribbons, creating an optical illusion of a compact shade.



Lounge Zone


MUTE is a designer pendant lamp created by Nahtrang, ideal for illuminating spaces with noise, as its shade reduces the reminiscence of sound. It is made up of 8 pieces of leaves and each leaf is composed of 2 layers of acoustic material.



Meeting room


NESO is a magnetic track system that allows different types of luminaires to be combined. It provides a pleasant visual experience and creates a comfortable space.


Kitchen area


FONOVIA is a pendant lamp from the technical range designed to bring warmth, providing a visually captivating style, creating a pleasant atmosphere.



Corridors and workstations


Via EVO is a system designed for the general lighting of spaces, allowing the creation of continuous lines of light in order to create a relaxed atmosphere for workers. HARU LED is a versatile ceiling light that can be placed in any space with a modern and minimalist finish.



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