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The lighting of a shop using the NESO magnetic system

The undisputed stars of this project from Detail Studio are the sneakers. We are in the Brudey Sneakers Family shop in the French city of Angulema, one of the city’s first shops with this concept and where all the design has been planned to showcase this footwear in limited and exclusive series.

The space is split into two floors and its design combines organisation and original materials with modern proposals in the displays and the forms of the furniture, and in the choice of the main colour, an electric blue that is mixed in between the furniture, the ceiling and other finishes.

Given this mix and the need to put the sneakers on centre stage, the NESO magnetic track system has been the perfect lighting solution: it enables the combination of different types of light fixtures both for general lighting and in the seating area, and for accent lighting in the display part. So, on the lower floor we can find light fixtures like the NESO HOLE, the NESO LINE and the NESO POINT. The tracks are installed as hanging tracks because the system allows for this option and also recessed installation, another feature that becomes a great option for the lighting of all kinds of businesses.