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An amazing stable with Faro fans
A few kilometres from Santander is the latest renovation project of Zooco Estudio.

It is the reconversion of an old stable into a summer house, practically distributed in only one floor and room. The reform has taken into account the original plan and, in a subtle way, has improved it leaving the wooden beams visible. The most important modification has been made to the façade, which has been modified to "let nature in" and to accompany the fantastic Cantabrian landscapes.

The result is an incredible space, wide, simple and very stylish. The ceiling, which has the typical sloping shape, gives it a lot of personality and is complemented by the Faro Barcelona LANTAU fan in the dining area. A modern style fan that, thanks to its oak wood finish with black motor, fits perfectly into the design.

From Faro Barcelona we can also find the WINCHE ceiling fan. In this case it is located on the porch, where it will surely help to cool down the summer evenings thanks to its technical characteristics that allow it to be installed outdoors. The porch is another of the essential elements of this house that has an incredible environment (with swimming pool included). Photography: Imagen Subliminal
Project: Güernes
Interior designers: Zooco Estudio