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SIX SENSES HOTEL, a paradise in Ibiza

From the heart of the Balearic Islands we find the SIX SENSES Hotel   in the northern part of Ibiza. A hotel complex with 116 rooms and 21 luxury apartments.


This project has been designed to connect the guests with the island, so that they can enjoy its culture, its art, its wellness and the spirituality that so defines it.




The objective of the hotel was to create a space dedicated to maximum luxury but in a sustainable way, in order to enjoy things in a conscious manner. 




The suites have been designed so be as cosy as possible, combining the heritage of the island with a sophisticated and more contemporary design and finishes.




To control the temperature of the rooms more sustainably, Faro Barcelona ceiling fans have been installed. A healthier way to cool the spaces and thereby achieve maximum comfort, especially during the hot summer nights.


Specifically, our LANTAU model has been used—a modern ceiling fan with a groundbreaking and striking design. Some of the advantages of this model are:


  • DC motor: much more silent and less heavy.
  • Available in 3 regulatable speeds.
  • Reverse function, so it can also be used in winter, thereby improving the efficiency of the heating system.




Fans are undoubtedly an option that not only support people’s wellbeing, but also have very low electricity consumption, since they need much less energy.


  • Photography: Assaf Pinchuk