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Key lighting in a loft

Lighting design plays a fundamental role in the creation of cosy and functional environments. On this occasion, a lighting project has been carried out in a modern residential loft, using Faro Barcelona luminaires. Under the creative vision of architect Mathieu Boxho, this project has transformed the space into a stylish and spacious illuminated environment.




An avant-garde space


This loft is characterised by its clean lines and high ceilings. Mathieu Boxho, took full advantage of these features to create a dream residence that combines modern and warm elements.

To highlight the architectural beauty, STAN luminaires were used. This track-mounted projector lamp in white became the perfect choice for this project due to its elegant design and multiple orientation possibilities.




Outstanding features


The luminaire has an adjustable head, allowing the light to be directed towards different areas of the loft. This feature is especially useful for spaces where it is necessary to incorporate a light point.




The warm colour temperature of the luminaire creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the loft that encourages enjoyment of the interior.





The play of light and shadow adds depth and texture to the space, creating a sense of spaciousness.


The right choice of luminaires enhances the architectural beauty of the different areas of the house, creating functional and attractive environments.


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