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Faro Barcelona illuminates Acta Voraport hotel in Barcelona

The Acta Voraport hotel is a successful lighting project to enhance the guest experience.


The goal of the lighting project for this hotel was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere while taking full advantage of the benefits of lighting technology.


Lighting plays a fundamental role in creating an ambiance in any space, and in a hotel, it is no exception. Lighting is used to create different zones in the hotel, from the common areas to the rooms. 


In the common areas, we have sought general lighting that is warm and welcoming, to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for guests. Some lamps used in the cafeteria/restaurant area are as follows:


Pendant lamps for common areas 


SLIM is a collection of lamps for interior lighting designed by Alex & Manel Lluscà. A minimalist and modern set characterized by wide diffusers. The double pendant is extensible.



LINDA designed by Estudi Ribaudí is a modern design pendant lamp made of steel and textile lampshade.




LOU is a green pendant lamp with a round shape and metal body. It is ideal for illuminating large dining rooms. Available in other colors.



PAM is a modern pendant with LED technology for interior lighting, made of aluminum finished in black and gold. PAM provides decorative ambient lighting in the space to be illuminated.



In addition to enhancing the guest experience, the lighting project has also considered energy efficiency. High-efficiency LED lights are being used, which consume less energy than traditional lights and have a longer lifespan. This will help reduce the hotel's energy costs and help protect the environment.


In summary, in this lighting project, we have tried to combine decorative lighting with the highest quality to provide great visual comfort and create a comfortable space for hotel guests.