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Light up the summer nights
In Polop de la Marina, Valencia, the Larcosta architects have designed different housing models in a relaxed neighbourhood perfect for spending the summer holidays.

We enter the ‘Juliet & Romeo’ house, a two-storey home, sitting on a 628m2 property, with a swimming pool, garden and various terraces. A space with large, open rooms that integrates the exterior and leverages natural light.

The bedrooms are also spacious and functional. The cabinets are built into the walls, which, in turn, separate the different spaces; and the beds are lit with two Faro Barcelona wall lamps: the LINK in a bronze finish, and the MITIC. As already mentioned, the exterior plays an influential role and is designed to embrace long hours of relaxation, meals, games and naps. To light up the terrace table, Larcosta has once again trusted Faro Barcelona with a MISTU outdoor shade, perfectly integrated as a pendant lamp on the porch ceiling to accompany the spectacular view of the pool and landscape. Photography by Peter Foldiak
Project: Venice Residence
Architects: Larcosta
Products: LINK, MISTU