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Creating light environments

In the world of interior design, lighting plays a crucial role in creating harmonious environments. This project carried out by Rez Estudio in collaboration with Faro Barcelona for the Weijia Wellness centre in Madrid, has managed to combine functionality and aesthetics through a careful selection of luminaires.


Weija Wellness ambient lighting


Croc and Lio creating harmonious atmospheres


Within the range of products used in this project, the Croc family of recessed luminaires brings a touch of sophistication and style to every space. The Lio downlight, with its matt nickel finish and discreet design, fits perfectly into the modern aesthetic of the centre. Both provide a soft, enveloping illumination that invites relaxation and well-being.


ambient lighting croc and lio lamp


Customisable lighting


With defined geometric shapes and white finishes, Via lamps become true decorative elements, highlighting the beauty of spaces by creating continuous lines of light.


ambient lighting via lamp


The subtlety of recessed luminaires


In spaces where discreet and functional lighting is sought after, Gas recessed luminaires blend perfectly into ceilings, creating a uniform and elegant appearance. Their soft, diffused light contributes to creating a relaxing atmosphere.


ambient lighting gas lamp


Undoubtedly Weijia Wellness becomes a space where lighting plays a key role in creating an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony, inviting visitors to enjoy unforgettable moments of well-being.


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Photographer: Carla Capdevila