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Faro Barcelona lights up the first Asian artisan pastry shop
Faro Barcelona illuminates SOME CAKE, the first Asian artisan bakery in Alicante.
This project has been designed by STUDIO HC and built by STUDIO TEC 58. The objective was to achieve a classic and relaxed aesthetic, playing with noble materials such as wood, marble and textures. These materials combine with the vegetation and national art pieces that play with original Faro Barcelona lamps. In the counter bar they have chosen the FUGA model, an adjustable projector that provides a warm and comfortable light. While, for the lighting of the bar, LISE has been the chosen pendant lamp, thanks to its elegant and discreet design, which makes the space look spacious and bright. To light the sinks and the dressing table, we find a space inspired by the dressing rooms of the stars, due to the combination of our TEN wall lamps, minimalist and versatile, and the geometric floor
Faro Barcelona illuminates the first Asian handcraft bakery