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Lindos Aqua Terra a charming hotel in Greece

Lindos Aqua Terra  is a new 4* Boutique hotel located in the heart of Vlicha beach, the best area to get to know the island of Rhodes in Greece.


The project has aimed to design an elegant beachfront refuge, keeping in mind comfort and relaxation, using natural materials and earth colours to evoke that tranquillity and naturalness.



Life on the beach feels different


For this project , we wanted for all its areas to evoke the beach, but at the same time to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in them. That is why, in addition to taking into account the decorative elements, good ventilation has been sought for outdoor areas.


Thanks to the fans we feel like in the beach, since very cool spaces can be created by recreating a soft breeze from the sea that is most relaxing. Renew the air to help cool you down in a very pleasant way. Aren't they the perfect ally to cool you down during the hottest days?

In this project, the common areas such as the terrace or the dining room have been designed open to the outside, which is why our JUST FAN fans, designed by Conillas, have been installed.


A ceiling fan with a very modern style, but thanks to its black/matte version it fits perfectly into the space. In addition, thanks to its ultra-quiet DC motor you will hardly notice that it is there, which will allow you to enjoy the space without disturbing noises.


In addition to its design, JUST FAN is a good option if you want to have good air conditioning throughout the year, since thanks to its reverse summer-winter function it can also be used in winter, improving the efficiency of your heating system. Also, by using a ceiling fan, you are committed to a healthy and sustainable ventilation system.



Room ventilation


The hotel rooms combine an elegant and cosy style with a soft beachy atmosphere. Using natural materials and paying great attention to detail, the rooms with sea views are designed to make you feel close to the sea. With floor to ceiling windows to give you a feeling of light all day and to appreciate the splendid views of the beautiful Vlicha beach.


In order to air-condition the rooms on hot summer days, our MOREA ceiling fan has been installed in the rooms with a dark wood blade finish, a fan with modern lines ideal for rooms. A fan with modern lines, ideal for rooms and projects where, in addition to its functionality, it is sought to be a decorative element of the space.


No doubt, ceiling fans are a very aesthetic and healthy option to cool our houses and at the same time be able to decorate them. Find out more about Faro Barcelona design fans.


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