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Light magic in the bathroom

Lighting can transform spaces into unique sensory experiences. In this project, AE Design, using our MAY luminaire in coral and white, has directed its creativity towards creating a bathroom that defies conventional boundaries.




Exploring the Power of Light


The MAY luminaire, designed by Faro Lab, is a design piece that adds a dose of freshness and vitality to the space, elevating the atmosphere in a unique way. With sleek lines and a minimalist design, it is a blank canvas that the designers have made the most of.

The bathroom has been transformed into a real jewel with MAY in coral, with its vibrant and energetic tone, it becomes the centre of distinction, highlighting the decorative elements with a touch of warmth.




MAY in white brings a note of serenity and elegance, enhancing the brightness of the space. In combination, it creates a balanced atmosphere between light and colour.


This luminaire also has IP4 protection. This means that it is designed to withstand humid environments and typical splashes in bathrooms, thanks to its resistance to water and humidity, ensuring safety and durability by preventing short circuits and corrosion.




Details are essential and the arrangement of these luminaires not only provides adequate light, but also makes an aesthetic statement.


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Designers: Ekaterina Tkachenko & Alisa Sivyakova by AE Design