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How lighting design can create exceptional environments

In every interior design project, one of the most important aspects to consider is the lighting. In this case, the ATFD studio has carried out the refurbishment of the ELAN manicure and pedicure centre, located in Millennium Plaza, San Salvador. The choice of Faro Barcelona luminaires was a key factor in achieving exceptional atmospheres and a unique experience for customers.


diseño iluminación - Elan centro estético


Strategic lighting: A touch of class in every space


For ELAN, the aim was to create a relaxing environment with a spa-like feel. Therefore, indirect lighting was used around the perimeter, allowing the ambient light to be dimmed and creating a cosy atmosphere. Spot lighting was reserved for specific work areas and to highlight the products on display.


diseño de iluminación - zona pedicure


In the pedicure area, elegant white OLOT ceiling lamps were used, which provide soft and diffused lighting, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere.


diseño iluminación - entrada


diseño iluminación - zona manicure

In the manicure stations and reception area, Faro Barcelona's STAN recessed lights were chosen. These luminaires, in white, allow light to be directed towards specific points, highlighting the products on display and adding a touch of elegance and style.


diseño iluminación - pasillo


Design and functionality in harmony


The perfect combination of lighting design and functionality offers quality and energy-efficient lighting that meets the highest standards.


diseño iluminación - interior Elan


With the Faro Barcelona luminaires, it was possible to highlight the brand identity and contribute positively to the customer experience. The strategic and carefully selected lighting has been key to enhance the spaces, highlight the products and provide an environment of wellbeing and relaxation.


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Lighting Design: Tres Grados Kelvin @3gradoskelvin

Construction: Arq. Roberto Mena Duke @robertomenaduke

Photography: Rafael Arvelo @rafarvelo