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Atmosphere light: what it is and how to use it in your professional lighting projects

11 Oct 2022

Learning how to use the different types of light that exist is an important step to achieve functional spaces with the perfect ambiance. In this context, ambient light is one of the most important and its use is the first thing you should learn to complement it with all the others.


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So, if you want to know exactly what it is and how you can use it professionally in your projects, this article will interest you.


luz ambiental


Ambient light: what it is and its characteristics

Although they may seem different concepts, in reality ambient light and general light are the same type. It is a type of light that provides basic visibility in any space and we can see it in ceiling lamps that do not produce shadows or glare, floor lamps, table lamps, etc.


Ambient light is mainly used to create different atmospheres and ambiances. But, although in a certain way all types of light serve in one way or another to create atmospheres, in ambient light aspects such as the color of the light or the design of the luminaires are more important.


In short, ambient light is a type of lighting that serves to see a space as a whole, providing a base of dimmer general light.


luz ambiental 1


With which types of luminaire it is complemented

Generally, ambient light can be complemented with all types of lights, since it serves as a base that provides a soft and homogeneous light, but there are some types of light with which it is more frequently used and with which great results are obtained:

  • Spot light
  • Accent light
  • Indirect light
  • Diffused light
  • These types of lighting combined with ambient light can result in different atmospheres if we vary the intensity of the light, its location or color, among other things.


How to use ambient light in professional lighting projects

Some luminaires with which you can achieve a fully professional ambient light are:

  • Tabletop lights with shades
  • Floor lights 
  • Pendant lights with attractive designs
  • LED strips in curtain rails
  • LED strips on ceiling beams

Placing luminaires in areas such as curtain rails or coffers, in fact, is one of the most successful techniques in recent years, since the ambient light achieved is discreet and the luminaires remain hidden at all times.


These effects are also possible thanks to the versatility of LED strips, which can be placed in all kinds of spaces and for very different purposes. Precisely for this reason, this type of luminaires have become the great ally of ambient lighting in any space. 


Additionally, the most common is to use decorative pendant lights and table or floor lights.


luz ambiental 2


Spaces where ambient lighting can be used

In spaces such as living or dining rooms, on the other hand, design is more important, since ambient light is also, in a way, decorative. In that sense, the luminaires must have a style according to the rest of the design of the room in order to act as a decorative element.


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Images of the Sequra Project.