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Refreshing a Gracia home in style

The renovation carried out by the studio Parramon + Tahull Arquitectes in a house in Gracia, Barcelona, features the ceiling fan Nuu, a piece designed by Estudi Ribaudi, selected to provide an exceptional ventilation experience.




Sophisticated Design and Advanced Technology


This home is a true reflection of modernity and contemporary architecture. In addition, the addition of the Nuu fan has elevated its appeal to new levels. The minimalist and elegant design has created a synergy that enhances every corner with sophisticated discretion.




Its clean and pure look makes it a perfect canvas to enrich any style. An attractively designed piece with DC motor technology that converts alternating current into direct or direct current. In this way, they always generate the same voltage in only one direction.


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Architecture: Parramon + Tahull arquitectes

Photography: Judith Casas Sayós

Construction company: Fórneas Guida SL