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A small house in Madrid with a palatial atmosphere

Noray Estudio presents a majestic space in a 42 m² home

At first glance, the space constraint of approximately 42 m² poses a great challenge to transform a home. This is the case with this project, located in the literary neighborhood of Madrid, where Noray Estudio proposes to convert it into a majestic residence through the clever use of light and our wall lamp Volga.



Verticality as a decorative tool

Ceilings slightly over 3 meters high are a resource that Noray Estudio architects have utilized to accentuate the sense of verticality through the use of our Volga, a chrome wall lamp that not only projects beautiful light throughout the home to address the main issue of the dwelling but also blends with the views between rooms and their double doors to recreate the enfilade visions of palaces.



The absence of light as the main challenge

The significant challenge of this project is the absence of direct light in the bedrooms, making it a priority to provide a sense of spaciousness throughout the home. To achieve this, the proposal includes creating a detached box that allows for perimeter movement in the house. Thanks to its high ceilings and this box, the light from the windows on the facade bathes the entire home.



In this realistic recreation, Noray Estudio proposes a minimalist and majestic home, evoking an almost palatial atmosphere without forgetting that it is a small home in Madrid.


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