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Hotel Argo Concept an example of how to illuminate a hotel in a decorative way.

Lighting is subject to specific and changing styles, but the basic characteristic that all products share is to provide light, which is as simple as it is essential. But to create a successful lighting project, and to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the different areas of the rooms, it is necessary to use and combine the right products. Faro Barcelona brings value to Argo Concept. Some of the luminaires that have been used in this project are the following:


Room lighting

SAVOY is a white table lamp designed by Isaac Piñeiro for interior lighting. The same space can change completely thanks to this lamp with its elegant and minimalist design. Its structure is characterised by the ring located at the top where the light is reflected, creating a beautiful reflection and providing warmth.



Subdued and subtle lighting with low illumination levels help to create a relaxing and restful environment. The SAVOY reader lamp, designed by Isaac Piñeiro, enhances and amplifies the ambient light function perfect for reading.



In the design of the rooms we find another option of wall light with FRAME reader, designed by Nahtrang, it is perfect for interior lighting in hotels. It has a switch on its base, which makes it easy to use and facilitates the comfort of the guests. The structure is finished in nickel and is designed for contract spaces.



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