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An oasis of freshness and retro style

Nel villaggio di Altea, un'antica casa è stata trasformata in un hotel di charme con sole sette camere. Situato in una posizione privilegiata, questo hotel cerca di evocare l'atmosfera chic e sofisticata degli anni '60, offrendo ai suoi ospiti il massimo comfort.


fan-ceiling-H up


To achieve this goal, the interior design experts at H up have used Faro Barcelona fans, in particular the Saona LED model, a perfect choice for this boutique hotel.


Elegant and efficient ventilation

The Saona ceiling fans are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Their white design with DC Smart motor fits perfectly with the retro aesthetic that has been sought after, adding a touch of elegance to every room. In addition, thanks to their DC motor, these fans offer efficient and quiet operation, ensuring a calm and peaceful environment for guests.


ventilation-efficient-H up


With their retractable blade design, these fans offer a practical solution without sacrificing the desired style in each room. They offer the ability to adjust the speed and light intensity, allowing each guest to customise their experience according to their preferences.


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