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NESO lights up the new Farmacia del Teatro in Alicante

In the centre of Alicante, Valencia, is the latest project of the interior designers of Studio Lyke: the comprehensive reform of Farmacia del Teatro.

With the name of the same street where it is located, Farmacia del Teatro has “an interior design that combines the optimization of the commercial space with an attractive and welcoming atmosphere”. The design of the space has been thought to maximize the profitability of the business and provide a good customer experience, both in the display of the products and in the personalized attention.

The NESO linear lighting system has been in charge of lighting it and achieving this double objective. Thanks to the infinity of options that it allows, the interior designers have chosen a combination with the warm light temperature. NESO has a system of magnetic rails that allow you to combine different luminaires, join the rails to form continuous lines and even turn them into pendants. In Farmacia del Teatro we have been allowed "to personalize the configuration in a simple way". Interior designers have also liked it for its "elegant black profile, offering attractiveness and clean lines" and therefore, it runs through the central part and is installed in the box area, which has a very versatile wooden cabinet that at the same time, it is an exhibitor and a personalized service area.

This project has also included the remodelling of the façade, which has been designed to be integrated and become part of the commercial environment of the neighbourhood, and the creation of the concept of a new brand. A very complete project that Studio Lyke has developed with Concept by Glintt, a company specialized in transforming pharmacies.