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Modern elegance with NASSAU and STAN by Faro Barcelona

Discover how the renovation of this residence has been carried out with the combination of the NASSAU ceiling fan and the STAN adjustable luminaires by Faro Barcelona. Find out about the unique features of these products in this article.


Lighting and ventilation


The refurbishment of a finca in Mallorca focused on a minimalist approach. Faro Barcelona products have turned this home into a true sanctuary of style and functionality.


lighting and ventilation - bathroom


Lighting and ventilation are two fundamental elements that can completely transform a space, creating environments with personality. The right lighting not only allows us to see clearly, but can also affect our mood, improve productivity and enhance the aesthetics of a place.


external ventilation - ceiling fan


On the other hand, ventilation is essential to maintain air quality and regulate room temperature. A good ventilation system allows you to renew the air, eliminate undesirable odours and maintain a feeling of freshness in any space. Discover in this article all the advantages of ceiling fans.


NASSAU ceiling fan


Equipped with a high-efficiency DC motor and plywood blades, NASSAU not only provides a soft and refreshing breeze, but also stands out for its quiet operation. With 6 adjustable speeds and summer-winter reverse function, it adapts perfectly to all seasons, improving both the comfort and efficiency of the heating system. A jewel of engineering and design.


external ventilation - terrace


STAN luminaires


But we cannot talk about this transformed residence without mentioning the STAN directional luminaires. They are the perfect choice to enhance interior spaces with style and elegance. They combine versatility, durability and exceptional aesthetics.


In addition, they can be installed as either wall or ceiling luminaires, providing even more flexibility in terms of design and light distribution.


lighting design - main bathroom


The perfect combination of lighting and ventilation can turn any corner into an inspiring, welcoming and enjoyable place for everyone.