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The Art of Illumination with ORA and OLAN

Lighting is a magical tool that can transform any space into a captivating experience. On this occasion, we dive into the project carried out by AMI Studio, which has turned a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom into canvases of light and style thanks to our ORA and OLAN luminaires in black and dark grey.


Elegance and character


The ORA and OLAN luminaires in black and dark grey bring a timeless elegance, while their contemporary design makes them a versatile element in any environment. They stand out for their ability to create warm and welcoming atmospheres, while adding a touch of sophistication.


Bathroom lighting


ORA in black is delicately suspended, giving off a soft light that enhances the colour palette and subtle details of the space. This contrast between the luminaire and the surroundings adds visual depth and an aura of distinction to the bathroom.




Kitchen Illumination


The kitchen is the heart of any home, and with ORA hanging in a corner, it elegantly illuminates this space. It not only provides functional light but also enhances the aesthetics.




Bedroom Lighting


The bedroom is a haven of serenity and rest, and the choice of the OLAN luminaire in dark gray adds a touch of subtlety and style simultaneously. Placed strategically, it casts a soft light that evokes a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.




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Architects: Ami studio
Photography: Ami studio
Collaborators: Charlotte FONTAINE, Sara NOUI, Hugo CHASSARD