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How to illuminate a charming garden?

Baobarq architecture studio presents this project to transform the back garden of a single-family house in the centre of Madrid.


As a primary objective, the client wanted to have a swimming pool that transferred them to thermal baths or to an outdoor spa so as to be able to use it all year round. For this, much importance was given both to the lighting and to the use of warm materials. Would you like to know how they managed it? Keep reading.

Pool lighting


In order for the design to be unified, a single porcelain material which imitates limestone was used to finish both the inside of the pool and the outside, including the perimeter garden walls, thereby creating a very pretty effect and giving the space a very warm feeling.

At the same time, indirect lighting was proposed to give more of a feeling of warmth all year round. Below we tell you which Faro Barcelona products were used:


Outdoor lighting


LACRE wall lights were used for wall lighting. These are modern in style and manufactured in injected aluminium and translucent glass lens, and also provide the warmest and cosiest lighting.



Reinforcing the edge of the pool floor, LED strip lights were installed, a very good way to provide an extra point of indirect lighting and to highlight spaces.


To signal and light up the pool area, TECNO recessed floor lights were installed. These kinds of light fixtures are ideal for creating luminous routes and delimiting circulation areas in gardens or even built areas.



Other garden spaces


In order to enjoy the garden even more, the spaces near the pool were covered with artificial grass, and a covered area with concrete bench seating and a chimney was also included, enabling this area to be used in both summer and winter. Furthermore, to control the climate in this area, our MINI TUBE FAN ceiling fan was installed, a very good option thanks to its summer-winter reverse function.



For extra garden lighting, our TONO outdoor stake was used. These light fixtures are perfect for highlighting decorative elements and the light they emit can be directed to create warm ambiances that allow us to enjoy the outdoors.


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FARO products:

  • LACRE wall lights
  • TECNO recessed floor light.
  • TONO black outdoor stake
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