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CÚRCUMA, the new 'healthy' cafeteria in Burgos

Burgos is now home to a new space where you can eat healthy food made with local produce. It is called Cúrcuma and its premises were renovated and designed by Enrique Jerez, Leal Interiorismo & diseño and Nonaka Design.

Located in the city centre, right next to the Camino de Santiago, the premises needed to move from the ‘dark character’ of the old design to an open, light space that showed all it has inside without complications. With this premise, the interior designers designed a cafe with a simple style, using natural materials such as oak, stone and clay. It was organised into two spaces: the bar and market area, and the private dining room that also looks out onto two indoor courtyards.

In both parts of the premises, the lighting is projected indirectly in order to also make the most of the natural light. The white SIDE wall light bathes the walls of the hallway in light thanks to its fine, modern design. The GINA model welcomes you as you enter and in the dining room, the AKANE designer light projects appropriate light onto the window ledge. Two SUN ceiling lights have been used in the bathroom next to the mirrors, which accompany a space with a very modern design.

Project: Restaurant in Burgos
Interior design: Enrique Jerez, Leal Interiorismo, Nonaka Design
Products: SIDE, AKANE, SUN