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TEN and a minimalist bathroom
In Lyon, France, the interior designer behind BC Atelier has renovated the bathroom and bedroom of a small minimalist style flat.

To do so, he used the TEN wall light in both rooms. In the bedroom, where the colour black dominates along with tall white wardrobes to make the most of the space, the wall lights are on the wall, right before the bed.

In the bathroom on the other hand, a single wall light illuminates the mirror area. In this space, black no longer dominates. A lighter ambience has been created, with wood around the basins, white walls and a dark greenish grey to provide contrast to the mirror, the structures and the black wall light. A very stylish renovation that allows the bathroom to play a leading role and shows the importance of the lighting, as well as the design of the areas we use most each day. Information about the renovation

Interior design: BC Ateliers
Colaboration: Bonnemazou Cambus, Prostoria, Florim Ceramiche y Artewalls.
Photography: Franklin Marcot
Project: Caliavo
Interior design: BC Ateliers
Product: TEN