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What is the IP Code?

The IP Code is an international standard for electrical equipment that classifies degrees of protection. This code is made up of the letters IP (Ingress Protection) and two numbers. The first number indicates protection against solid bodies and the second refers to protection against liquid bodies. Below we show each number and what it means according to its position.

first_number_ip second_number_ip


Should it be taken into account when you buy a light fixture? The answer is yes. If you are looking to light the garden or bathroom you must take it into account for safety reasons. For example, we need to know whether the light is resistant to rain or the condensation that is produced in the bathroom.
In the article “How does the IP code influence safety in your bathroom”, you can see which IP code each light fixture must have, depending on where it is being installed in the bathroom. Finally, if you are planning to light the garden, here you can find what lighting we recommend, depending on the area.


We hope that choosing a light for any of these areas is now much easier.