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Anti-mosquito fan: Cools and repels insects at the same time

24 Ago 2022 // by Laia Canalejo

In spring and summer, mosquitoes arrive. At the same time, we want to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the good weather. However, it becomes an ordeal to be in the garden or on the terrace without being bitten.


There are several remedies against mosquitoes, but one of the most effective are mosquito-proof ceiling fans.


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How does the mosquito fan work?


The volume of air generated by the rotating blades makes it difficult for the insects to fly and distributes the CO₂ that we humans give off when we breathe. It also makes them feel they are in a hostile environment.


Imagine you are a mosquito wanting to bite someone, but to get there you have to cross windy areas. Would you like to be in a place with hurricane-force winds?


But actually the most effective part is that by distributing the CO₂ that we humans give off and that guides the mosquitoes to find us and bite us. The fan blades distribute the carbon dioxide and this causes the mosquito's "GPS" to break down and it doesn't know where to go.


In addition, we must remember that there are outdoor fans, so this remedy can be used outdoors, in porches and gardens. A useful tool that, as well as throwing insects off the scent, also helps to combat fly attacks, freshens the air and makes your summer days more pleasant.


One more advantage for using a fan - arm yourself with an anti-mosquito fan!


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