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Ceiling fans suitable for outdoors

25 Ago 2022 // by Laia Canalejo

We tend to think that the ceiling fan can only be installed indoors. However, it is a great solution for porches, gardens and terraces that helps to cool a room during the months when we want to enjoy the outdoors, but because of the heat we don't do it.


In addition, as a curiosity, the ceiling fan also helps to solve a very common nuisance outdoors: the presence of flies and mosquitoes. The fact is that the volume of air generated by the ceiling fan blades as they rotate makes it difficult for insects to fly and makes them feel that they are in a hostile environment.


  Interior Design: Vimarvi | Photography: German Cabo


Requirements for the installation of the ceiling fan outdoors


In order to use a ceiling fan outdoors, you only need to consider two factors:

  • The fan must have a protection rating of 44 (IP 44).
  • A roof suitable for installation and proper operation.

The Ingress Protection code, better known as IP, is the degree of protection offered by electrical equipment against the ingress of dust or water. It is made up of two numbers. The first figure indicates the protection against solid bodies and the second figure indicates the protection against liquids.


It is important to take this factor into account to ensure the safety of the device and its durability over time. Even if a roof is covered, the outside air carries moist and dry particles that can damage a fan that is not designed for such use.


Finally, it is recommended that when installing the ceiling fan, it should not hang below 2.30 metres in walkways, and 2.20 metres in areas where there are tables or sofas, as the risk of colliding with the fan is minimal.


If the distance between the ceiling and the floor is more than 2.80m, we recommend the use of longer extension poles.


 Project: Guernes | Interior Designers: Zooco Estudio | Products: WINCHE, LANTAU


Maintenance of the outdoor ceiling fan


As with ceiling fans installed indoors, it is necessary to maintain these electrical appliances to ensure their operation and safety. After a long period without switching it on, we suggest:

  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Check that the fixing of the roof bracket is screwed tight.

Faro Barcelona outdoor ceiling fans


Below is a selection of Faro Barcelona ceiling fans suitable for outdoor installation. You can also see our complete range of ceiling fans, including those not suitable for outdoor use.





The WINCHE model, one of Faro's ceiling fans with a groundbreaking style ideal for both rustic and elegant designs thanks to its wooden blades with a dark walnut finish.


With all the necessary characteristics to be installed outdoors and provide style and freshness.





TYPHOON is a ceiling fan designed by Jordi Busquets ideal. This fan is IP44 rated so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


It has anti-corrosion treatment of the metal parts and has a DC motor. It has 6 adjustable speeds and several colours to choose from.





SIOUX is a ceiling fan with modern lines in white and DC motor. It has 6 adjustable speeds and reverse function. If desired, the fan can be controlled via Wi-Fi and WiZ application by adding the Smart receiver.


It includes two seat posts, one longer and one shorter to be installed depending on the roof.


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