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8 lighting trends for architects in 2023

22 May 2023

Using lighting in architecture and interior design projects is undoubtedly the key to achieve original and unique spaces, but as in other sectors, lighting also follows trends, and it is important to be up to date to achieve modern and trendy spaces.


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At FARO Barcelona we already know the lighting trends for 2023, so if you want to give your projects those value-added touches that are already sweeping in interiors, this article is of interest to you.



RETRO luminaire : Copper wall lamp


1. LED strips as indirect lighting to create visual effects


One of the most successful lighting trends of 2023 is the use of LED strips as indirect lighting. The possibility of using it on ceilings, walls and hidden behind the details and reliefs of the architecture makes it possible to obtain the most original and discreet lighting as a result. 


led strips

LED Strips | Paris Street Project


2. The minimalist mindset


There are two types of mindsets, the maximalist and playful one and the minimalist and quiet one, but both are protagonists of the mood of the space. Lamps with versatile designs, which save on space decoration, stand out.


minimalist mindset

 COSTAS luminaire | Black/rattan pendant luminaire


3. Small technical luminaires


In a sector where elements are sought that can go unnoticed and even blend into the aesthetics and overall design of spaces, size is important, and precisely for this reason one of the lighting trends of 2023 are increasingly smaller technical luminaires, with which lighting and decorating is possible thanks to small sizes and innovative designs.


small luminaire

 MAYA luminaire | Terracotta wall lamp


4. Go for warm light


Although this is a factor that depends largely on the taste of each person, for some time now, has begun to better welcome the warm light. And is that where before they used cold light regardless of the functionality of the space, now the warm light has proven to be the best option to provide comfort and convey tranquility.


warm light

 REM Luminaire : LED reader lamp


5. Totem design


Totem poles make reference to the supernatural and arcane, sparking consumer interest in symbolism. These pieces are not only functional but also have a decorative effect, bringing a natural essence and primitive appearance.


totem design

 TOTEM Luminaire : Beacon Lamp


6. The return of pastel colors, gold and bronze in decorative lighting


They say that many fashions end up coming back, and it seems that in this case lighting has followed it to the letter. And it is that gold and bronze colors and pastel shades are already one of the most followed lighting trends in 2023. Decorative lighting is already using these tones to blend in with all kinds of styles and designs, and it seems to be a success.


pastel colours

 SIDE Luminaire : Ceiling Lamp


7. Decorative luminaires on walls as works of art


Lighting can also be an art, to the point of being one of the favorite decorative elements in interior design. And one of the most striking lighting trends of this 2023 is the use of luminaires as another element of decoration, rather than as a way to illuminate itself.


decorative luminaires

 TOU Luminaire | Wall Lamp


8. Structural Light


To meet this new demand, the lighting industry continues to evolve with luminaires that use light as a structural and architectural element.


structural light

NESO Luminaire | Leon Lunetier Optics


At FARO Barcelona we have a wide range of products that follow the latest lighting trends of 2022. With a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and shapes, in our catalog you will find the perfect luminaire for your project.


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