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outdoor lighting
Terrace lighting: keys and outdoor lamps
16 Jun 2022

With the good weather, it is more and more desirable to enjoy evenings outdoors. A relaxed atmosphere in good company cannot end for lack of light. This is where outdoor lighting comes into its own and accompanies us during the evenings.


Patios and terraces come to life and allow you to enjoy friends and long summer evenings. In this article we propose ideal outdoor designs and give you all the tips to make the most of terraces, gardens or porches with the right lighting, which, if planned efficiently, will also save on your electricity bill.


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Outdoor selection of Faro Barcelona


Faro Barcelona offers the following models:




It is a Nahtrang design and is available in three colours: black, white and red. Thanks to its accessory you can hang it and turn it into an original wall lamp.






Outdoor wall lamp with a rounded shape designed by Nahtrang. Available in white and dark grey.






Outdoor stake made of recycled plastic designed by Jordi Ribaudí. It can be used to illuminate plants and bushes and give a very special touch to your terrace or garden.




Outdoor version of the floor lamp designed by Nahtrang. It is characterised by its simplicity and pure shapes. There is a set available that combines stakes and other formats.





Also by Jordi Ribaudí. Candela is the essence of the Mediterranean made into a lamp. It is a portable, rechargeable lamp that you can take anywhere.






Designed by Faro Lab, this stake, available in black and white, is ideal for decorative lighting that enhances elements such as objects, trees or plants.






PALS is a wall light for outdoor lighting designed by Faro Lab. Made of aluminium, it is IP65 rated for high protection.





Pendant luminaire made from stainless steel and available in two sizes. It is devised for outdoor use but also fits in a multitude of indoor spaces.






Outdoor lighting version of the AKANE lamp, designed by Pepe Llaudet. It retains the oriental inspiration of the indoor collection but with a lampshade made of striped fabric that allows the light to pass through, creating a beautiful effect.





Portable lamp designed by Isaac Piñeiro with Japanese inspiration. It permits graduating the position of the lampshade and choosing two positions. It can be transformed into a pendant lamp thanks to the hook it incorporates. It has three intensities.


Project: A thousand summers : Design: Miss Rottenemeier : Product: WINCHE LED fan 



Ceiling fan with light, for outdoor use with modern style and 4 blades designed to move the optimum amount of air. Designed by Conillas, with DC motor and suitable for sloping roof.


All these models will help you to turn your terrace into a pleasant space, full of light and life. This lighting solution fits both large terraces and small balconies, without forgetting outdoor contract environments.


General advice


Here are some tips on how to make sure patios and terraces are well lit.


  1. Define the points


For general lighting, measure the spaces to be lit and define the zones. This way, when choosing the type of lamp or colour of light, we will have a clear purpose. Remember the maxim that we always repeat, only light what is necessary, as excessive lighting will not promote well-being.


  1. Usability


The usability of the system is also relevant and for this we must think about the switches and the possibility of turning them on and off comfortably. A good option is the use of sensors or automatisms for ease of use.


In addition, we can introduce some versatile elements, such as lounge stands or portable lights that allow us to create different atmospheres, change them as many times as we want and provide us with a fun and decorative element at the same time. For example, the portable CAT can be used for a romantic dinner or a fun party with friends.


  1. Attention to critical areas


Critical areas can be entrances, paths, steps or windows. Reinforce all points that require extra lighting for safety reasons.


  • In access areas it is better to use direct lighting, e.g. with floodlights.
  • On paths or trails, markers or ground markers will help to define the area and prevent falls and trips.


  1. General and decorative light


For general lighting, we can use wall and recessed lights, as well as a pendant light to distribute the light evenly.


For decorative lighting of trees, flowers or fountains, the stakes give a point light that can be directed and focused on the object itself.


  1. Technical requirements


Finally, don't forget the following technical recommendations:

  • Choose garden luminaires with an IP44 or higher rating to ensure outdoor life and safety of the installation.
  • Opt for opal diffusers and warm light (2700K), as this is an area for leisure, relaxation and rest, the ideal is a pleasant light that produces comfort.
  • Select LED luminaires to promote energy savings.


Lighting of an uncovered terrace


On an uncovered terrace, the best combination is wall recessed luminaires installed in the perimeter wall of the terrace. In this way, a flush-to-floor light is achieved.


It is also possible to install a floor lamp versus type with a structure to illuminate the table for lunches or dinners. It is also an additional decorative element, as it has a double function, not just lighting.


It would be very interesting to complement the previous light sources with a series of Garda Led pegs to be installed in possible planters. In this way, all the rooms will be well lit.


Project: A Thousand Summers | Design: Miss Rottenemeier | Product: WINCHE LED Fan


Lighting of a covered terrace


On a covered terrace it is also advisable to use recessed lights and pegs. In this case, however, we recommend adding an outdoor pendant lamp to directly illuminate the table area. Depending on the style of the terrace we will choose a more classic or modern design.


It is also possible to install ceiling fans with light. These allow you to cool and illuminate at the same time.


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