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Faro Fan Gateway: smart fan management

At Faro Barcelona, we are always seeking innovative solutions to improve the comfort and efficiency of our spaces. Today we present one of our most advanced tools for ventilation projects: Faro Fan Gateway.


What is Faro Fan Gateway?


Faro Fan Gateway 0-10/1-10V, with reference 34162, is a unique device on the market designed by Faro Barcelona to integrate our Smart fans into home automation systems. Faro Fan Gateway allows you to control both the speed and the light of the fans, facilitating the synchronization of up to 128 units per Faro Fan Gateway. Compatible fans have the WP reference and must use receiver 34160.


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Benefits of Faro Fan Gateway 0-10/1-10V

1. Centralized Control


With Faro Fan Gateway, you can manage all the fans from a single interface. Imagine being able to adjust the speed and lighting of all the fans in a hotel or a large office from a single control panel. This not only saves time but also ensures a uniform and efficient configuration throughout the building.

You no longer need to adjust each fan manually, which is especially useful in projects that cover multiple floors or large open spaces.


2. Smart Automation


Integration with systems like KNX, LUTRON, BACnet, and CASAMBI allows the fans to operate in sync with other building systems, such as lighting and heating. This means you can create scenarios where the fans turn on or off automatically based on environmental conditions or the presence of people.


For example, in a conference room, the fans can activate when occupancy is detected and adjust based on the temperature, providing a comfortable environment without the need for manual intervention.


3. Energy Efficiency


One of the greatest benefits of Faro Fan Gateway is the ability to program the fans to operate only when necessary. This significantly reduces energy consumption, as the fans are not running continuously without reason.


You can set operating schedules based on the building's hours of use, ensuring that the fans turn off when not needed, resulting in significant savings on the electricity bill and more sustainable resource management.


4. Improved Environmental Comfort


Faro Fan Gateway allows you to automatically adjust ventilation based on room occupancy or external weather conditions. This means occupants always enjoy a comfortable environment without the need for constant manual adjustments.


For example, in a hotel, the fans can be set to provide the right amount of ventilation during the night, ensuring guests sleep comfortably without unnecessary noise or drafts.


5. Ease of Use


With the remote control and memory functions, you can adjust fan speed, turn them on or off, and change other settings without being physically present in each space. This is particularly useful in environments like hotels and offices, where ventilation needs may vary throughout the day.


For example, during a conference or event, you can adjust the ventilation of several rooms from a central location, ensuring all attendees are comfortable without having to move from one room to another.


6. Simplified Maintenance and Monitoring


The ability to monitor and diagnose the status and performance of the fans centrally facilitates preventive maintenance and quick problem resolution.


You can receive alerts about any anomalies, such as a fan not working properly, and take immediate action to resolve the issue. This minimizes downtime and inconvenience for occupants, ensuring the ventilation system always operates optimally.


7. Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Reduction


By optimizing fan usage and reducing energy consumption, Faro Fan Gateway contributes to the building's sustainability and reduces its carbon footprint. In a world where energy efficiency and sustainability are increasingly important, this tool helps achieve ecological goals and improve the building's environmental responsibility image.


Reducing energy consumption also decreases greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.


Success Stories



The restaurant of the Grupo Saona in collaboration with Tarruella Trens integrates our Lantau, whose wooden finish elegantly combines with the natural touch environment. The owners sought to provide comfort to their customers in a busy space, where air conditioning did not always achieve the perfect balance. Our fan has been key to improving comfort, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.



In 2022, the Escola Pia de Caldes de Montbui requested help to solve heat issues affecting students and teachers. We collaborated with the commercial and project team to implement safe fans activated with a key, managed only by teachers. We carried out a pilot test, which was successful, leading to the implementation of the system in all Escolas Pia of Catalonia over the next two years, with very beneficial results for these school environments.



In kitchens, where air conditioning is minimal or non-existent, a fan can provide a refreshing breeze during cooking. This is the case with the renovation of La Caseta, carried out by Maria Buira's interior design studio. Nassau, one of our most iconic fans, integrates well into the environment thanks to its ABS blades, which look like wood but are light and heat-resistant. Additionally, the breeze generated by the fan helps keep mosquitoes and flies away, creating a more pleasant environment.


Any questions? We're here to help!


At Faro Barcelona, we have a project team specialized in helping you configure your fans, select the right products, and advise you during installation. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us.


Faro Fan Gateway 0-10/1-10V not only improves operational and energy efficiency but also enhances user experience, making it an ideal solution for any modern project seeking to optimize its ventilation system.


Contact us and discover how we can help you transform your space with smart and efficient ventilation!