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The Ceiling Fan: the Key to Successful Projects


Since 1982, Faro Barcelona has accumulated extensive experience in the design and manufacture of ceiling fans, with over 1.5 million solutions on the market. This guarantees safe and reliable products with minimal incidents. Our trajectory allows us to offer fans with complete peace of mind and confidence.

Warranty and quality

Our fans undergo rigorous quality controls, including inspections in anechoic chambers and manual checks by specialized technicians. This thorough process ensures that our products meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Additionally, we offer a solid 15-year warranty on the motors, ensuring our customers a safe and reliable investment.

Range and design

Design is key at Faro Barcelona. We focus on the details, reducing the distances between moving and fixed parts to prevent noise and enhance aesthetics. This meticulous care in design results in elegant fans perfectly integrated into any space. Our team, with over 15 years of experience, has developed a range that combines functionality and style.

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Consulting service

Faro Barcelona offers a specialized consulting service for ventilation projects in hotels, houses, and any type of space. Our team of experts is available to guide clients in choosing the ideal ventilation system for each project, ensuring perfect integration and efficiency in any environment.

Aftersales service

Faro Barcelona is committed to the ongoing satisfaction of its customers through a robust after-sales service. We offer spare parts for most components of our fans, extending their lifespan. With a 15-year warranty on the motors, our customers can rely on a durable solution and the support of an efficient and accessible technical service.

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Faro Fan Gateway: centralized control of smart fans


Do you have a large ventilation project?


With the capacity to synchronize up to 128 fans, Faro Fan Gateway ensures efficient and uniform setup in any large building, from hotels to offices, saving time and resources by eliminating the need for manual adjustments.


This device allows the integration of Faro Smart fans into home automation systems, facilitating centralized control of speed and light, enabling the fans to work in harmony with other building systems such as lighting and heating. This not only improves energy efficiency, reducing consumption and costs, but also optimizes environmental comfort by automatically adjusting ventilation according to occupancy and climatic conditions.

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