Eco-design is the key

Sustainability from conceptualization

We design on the basis of methodologies that identify environmental impacts from the moment a product is conceptualized, in order to better manage resources.
We use the minimum processes and materials possible without harming product quality.
We work with an environmental expert consultant who helps us with our initiatives and their trackability.

Products that can be repaired to increase their shelf life

Since 2019, we have been working so that the products can be disassembled entirely and therefore be repairable and be replaced since we have spare parts for it. The impact of this is a longer product shelf life and it also favors its recyclability.


Component standardization

The new products minimize environmental impact through the optimization of parts, components, and shades. The standardization of spare parts generates a more efficient use of natural resources.


Most sustainable processes and materials

One of our biggest challenges on our path to responsible production is selecting the materials since they represent more than 70% of the footprint of any product.
The incorporation of new techniques and new materials in the production processes helps us implement more sustainable practices in the manufacture of our products.
We work so that our products are more environmentally friendly thanks to the reduction in the number of materials used, as well as the incorporation of recycled materials and lower environmental impact materials.


Product efficiency improvement

We design more efficient products by incorporating new market technologies.
We place an emphasis on creating more optimized products in the lumens per watt ratio, in order to achieve more light with less consumption.


Circular design training

Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact. For this, we are training our design team in circular design techniques for the more sustainable development of all our products.


We work with our suppliers in a more sustainable supply chain

In our 10 rules for sustainability, we include the important role of our suppliers and we help them to share our vision of respect, awareness, and responsibility of all our actions.

We collaborate with consultants to reduce environmental impact, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products

Our products undergo an assessment by an accredited laboratory in order to improve all the quality and consumption parameters.
Compliance with quality standards under EN60598 and ERP energy efficiency regulations.