Sustainable packaging free from single-use plastics

Brown colorless cardboard boxes, printed with a single ink and unstapled so that they can be disassembled and recycled properly. The boxes are mostly recycled cardboard. Elimination of the plastic enveloping the fan boxes.

The boxes pass the Drop Test ISTA-2C quality standards, ensuring that the products arrive in perfect condition. The boxes are size optimized to avoid using energy in transportation. Reduction of the instruction manual to the minimum number of pages possible.


Mass market products are transported stacked, e.g. lamp shades. This generates a large reduction in transported volume and energy savings.

The logistics center in China to 1) supply our Asia Oceania market and 2) Chinese interior market 3) Faro's lungs (reduce our miles and thus our impact on transport).

Sustainable workspaces

At our offices, we use green electricity. We produce 70% of the energy we consume with our own photovoltaic facility, ensuring that the energy is from a renewable source.

Furthermore, our offices have been sustainably designed to make the most of sunlight and using the most efficient artificial lighting.

Team committed to sustainability

At Faro Barcelona, we promote sustainable habits such as the use of recyclable containers in our dining room and our company glass water bottles that we fill with reverse osmosis purified water.
We also have a plan to reduce and eliminate paper printing with the implementation of the digital signature, as well as the use of recycled paper. We are committed to the transition to the digital environment.