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New 2023 catalogue now available!

21 Dic 2022

Our 2023 catalogue is already here. Another year, at Christmastime, we launch our new catalogue. We want to continue illuminating with original ideas and designs for all types of spaces and a lot of inspiration for the projects that are yet to come. Always betting on an honest, close and accessible design.


With a strong commitment to awareness and sustainability, we continue to design products intended to contribute to the well-being of people and the planet. The new collection is committed to the progressive implementation of modular products that optimize space and volume in storage and transport, thus having a direct impact on the carbon footprint. The new designs have been conceived to be manufactured with materials and through processes that guarantee quality and a longer useful life.


In the new 2023 catalogue you will find decorative solutions aligned with new interior design and lighting trends, as well as with our purpose of proposing a new concept of more accessible, respectful and sustainable design. Do you want to know what news we have?



As for interior lighting, we continue to bet on objects designed for comfort and well-being, betting on modularity, versatility, and flexibility. One of the current trends that we can find in some new designs of the 2023 collection is to transfer the language of the contract to residential environments.


It is the case of MAYA. Designed by Faro Lab, it is a surface luminaire that can be installed on the wall or on a table and is available with 3 types of finishing. DESLIZ, a design set produced by Estudi Ribaudí, is characterized by its articulated arm and is ideal for lighting bedrooms as ambient and reading light.




This year some of our iconic pieces have been reinvented, adding new versions and finishes, combining more contemporary colours to bring newness to already known designs. Some of them have also been redesigned under sustainable criteria.


  • We are expanding the COSTAS by Alex&Manel Llusca family. A new version in wall or ceiling. It is designed for interior lighting in all kinds of spaces, but especially for the contract sector, since it allows creating sets of luminaires to obtain more striking decorative effects. This new version with a diameter of 40cm and 7cm high allows you to create islands both on the ceiling and on the wall. The result is spectacular if we combine it with a matt black decorative lamp to give it a more sophisticated touch and avoid glare.


  • We are expanding the CONFETTI by Nutcreatives. The family is expanded with two wall/ceiling lights in two sizes available with a diameter of 30 cm and 45 cm. In addition, two rosette heights have been designed, which makes it possible to generate islands on the ceiling and on the wall. Its screen is made with recycled plastic from bottle caps, and its production is local, since it is made in Valencia. A solution for modern interior lighting and committed to sustainability.


  • We are also expanding the VENICE by Adolfo Abejón. The VENICE family grows this year with the addition of a new finishing: cobalt blue. In addition, the compact and cosy wall-mounted surface luminaire is added, with an aluminium body in a glossy black finish. And the tabletop and floor lamp models, with a rotating arm. A modern, versatile and minimalist lamp. Creating comfortable spaces through handmade work and a good choice of materials is the objective of this collection.


 The lighting pieces stand out, thanks to their thoughtful design they save space and are versatile, allowing savings in the (re)decoration of this space. One solution to make the most of space is the use of folding solutions that are easy to store, such as our new model:


  • LUANG by Faro Lab, a family inspired by the art and crafts of objects made with papyrus and natural fibres in Southeast Asia; in how they reproduce volumetric objects of great poetic and formal complexity from flat elements. It has a minimalist structure that contrasts with the free and organic aspect of its screen, which, having no structure and being materialized exclusively in papyrus, is fully illuminated, providing a very natural and welcoming light. The structure is manufactured in Spain and the shade in Poland. The screen is delivered separately in a flatpack in line with Faro Barcelona's sustainability policy.



In the search for this new sense of purpose, in the lighting sector, we continue to evolve in a path that we began to travel a few years ago. Object and result are separated, giving rise to a new generation of luminaires that work with light as a structural and architectural element.


Like our new models:


  • TATAWIN When Adolfo Abejón introduced us to this family, it was love at first sight: elegant and timeless. A renewed classic of lamps with a glass shade. Very decorative and with a lot of presence. The shape of the screen is reminiscent of the upper part of the characteristic houses of Tataouine, a city located in the southeast of Tunisia, hence the name was clear from the beginning. The glass used in the screen is triplex, and the colour is mass, not painted. Opal white and gloss black. The metal structure in satin black finish. The family is made up of a floor model with a large-format screen, a tabletop, a surface-mounted luminaire, an individual suspension luminaire with a small or large shade, and a linear suspension luminaire with both shade sizes. They are also available in a multiple rosette option in both sizes and colours.



  • SHOKU by Ernest Perera Studio. Family of interior luminaires with a minimalist and architectural character. The light source of this wall/ceiling lamp offers great visual comfort. With its range of colours and sizes it allows you to create different configurations in space. A very versatile design in terms of application: residential spaces (halls, bedrooms, kitchens, corridors, etc.).



We know that light directly affects our mood and well-being. For this reason, we continue to bet on quality, comfortable light that puts the user at the centre.


We develop products keeping in mind that lighting is a key element in our lives. We apply the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in our solutions, improving the effects that light has on people.



In outdoor lighting, we find that outdoor spaces are gaining more and more prominence and acquiring more diverse and complete functionalities. For this reason, the new 2023 outdoor collection is committed to designs that facilitate the versatility of outdoor spaces and add value to the indoor-outdoor transition.


In this line, we find some redesigned families such as SAIGON, designed by Nahtrang, in which a remake is proposed in a new material inspired by the strings of our Akane model. Offering a completely different aesthetic, they allow light to pass through the strings, creating a beautiful effect while maintaining visual comfort.


BALIC, designed by Yembarastudio, it is a lighting collection with IP55 materialized in cement. Its soft, slender and delicate design creates a contrast with its material. It generates an indirect light effect and provides high visual comfort. It is offered in two heights allowing configurations to be created in the space, and it is ideal for illuminating areas of passage, vegetation or use it as a marker in areas of passage.



The growing interest of consumers in symbolism translates into pieces that, in addition to functionalities, have an impressive aesthetic. TOTEM is an outdoor lighting collection designed by Roger Vancells. This IP55 decorative beacon made of cement offers an indirect and bidirectional light effect that provides high visual comfort. It is offered in two heights allowing configurations to be produced in space and is ideal for illuminating transit areas or using it as a signpost. TOTEM offers a warm colour temperature of, 3000K.



The new 2023 ventilation collection is committed to incorporating smart technology to improve the performance of these objects. A family with a very distinctive design is AMELIA. This grey ceiling fan has been designed by Héctor Serrano, with a very light style, with sinuous and organic shapes and a small and aesthetic motor. The light kit is available in different formats: con-shaped, creating a very warm indirect light effect and with high, more focused visual comfort, or oval, which makes it have a larger emitting surface and prevents glare, making it perfect as general lighting.



Download the catalogue now and discover all our new products. A catalogue with which we continue our commitment to honest, accessible and accessible design. With a strong commitment to awareness and sustainability, designing products designed to contribute to the well-being of people and the planet.


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