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A tribute to nature through 3D printing

with bioplastics and recycled plastics.

 Tierra, Mar and Aire manage to reconcile craftsmanship with digital manufacturing. These are not mass-produced works: each luminaire requires a period of time to be produced.


Additive technology, in which material accumulates to form a single layer, allows for local production, on-demand, without moulds and the use of recycled materials. All of this impacts the environmental footprint generated by storage and transportation.


Beehives, sea urchins, and air bubbles serve as the inspiration for the timeless forms of Tierra, Mar and Aire, three elements found in nature, as a tribute and to emphasize the respect we should have towards it.

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Digital craftmanship


The production time and finishes of digital manufacturing bring each piece closer to traditional craftmanship.


Circularity and sustainability


Tierra, Mar and Aire are made from recycled and recyclable materials that contribute to their circularity.


A timeless design


Simple and friendly shapes to easily live with and allow to appreciate the details of the materials.

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Made from PLA bioplastic and cellulose, Tierra evoke bee nests in a subtle and synthetic way.

The Tierra collection, made from biodegradable and compostable plant-based materials, references the importance of bee pollination as a protector of biodiversity.



Tierra luminaires possess a translucency that transforms them when lit, becoming sculptural objects with gentle shapes that fill the space with warmth.



The random and matte texture of Tierra gives it a feeling of craftsmanship akin to paper or terracotta.



Available in three sizes, their variety of organic forms allows Tierra to create compositions that adapt to architectural needs, filling the space with light and presence.

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Made from recycled fishing nets, Mar is inspired by the shells of sea urchins.

Mar addresses the issue of pollution in our seas and oceans. By 2050, there will be more tons of plastic than fish in the sea. Fishing nets and gear account for up to 27% of these plastic wastes.



The Mar collection is made from a polypropylene composite formulated with 75% recycled fishing nets and reinforced with fiberglass.



Mar's morphology is inspired by the shells of sea urchins, referencing the origin of the material in which they are produced.



Mar allows you to create dynamic compositions in which you can play with its three different sizes and shapes.


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Large bubbles of 100% recycled PETG: Aire fills the space with sophistication thanks to its crystalline and textured finish.

The Aire collection is made from 100% recycled PETG. This is the most recycled plastic in the world, whose composition allows it to be recycled multiple times while maintaining its characteristics. However, overall, only 9% of global plastic waste is recycled.



Air is a fundamental component when manufacturing elements with PET, with plastic bottles being the most iconic object. In the same way that air produces bottles, Aire forms large bubbles that fill the space, giving it personality and sophistication.



Thanks to 3D printing, Aire can be manufactured in large sizes that would not be possible through other production processes due to their weight.



The simplicity of the Aire collection highlights the streaks of the material, creating an attractive optical effect that resembles craftsmanship.


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Héctor Serrano


"Nature does not generate waste, we must learn from it and move towards increasingly circular and sustainable production."


Héctor Serrano's design studio has been working on innovative and timeless projects for over 20 years.

Héctor Serrano's focus is on creating products and spaces that attract people in the most human, emotional, and extraordinary way possible.

The pursuit of innovation and character, while maintaining timelessness, simplicity, and attention to detail, is the constant in all of his projects.

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