The key to success is having a great human team that is enthusiastic and committed to the same purpose: the wellbeing and happiness of all people who are in contact with us, our brand, and our products.

It is our people who make us unique and allow us to accomplish our goals.

The 3 Cs through which our team shines:
⦁ Collaboration. Working as a team makes us stronger and lets us learn together.
⦁ Commitment. Dedication and enthusiasm form part of our DNA.
⦁ Creativity. Always open to new ideas and being in constant movement.

The wellbeing and personal growth of all the people at Faro Barcelona is one of the most important points on which we have been working for some years now with the help of external specialist coaches (We&Up).

Leadership style

Faro Barcelona is a horizontal company at which each and each team member participates in the company’s evolution with their ideas and contributions, thanks to the creation of an internal culture where ideas are heard, wherever they come from.

Leadership at Faro Barcelona is an important point at which we work hard. Together with our external coaches from We&Up, we are developing Faro Barcelona’s leadership style because we know that we need to have great leaders who contribute value and constantly inspire their teams.

Respect and diversity promotion

At Faro Barcelona, everyone is great and equal, whatever their gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

At Faro Barcelona women, like men, perform an important role. 76% of our team and 49% of our leaders are women.

Community support

Our path to sustainability is focused both on reducing our environmental impact and on having a positive social impact. This is why we collaborate on social projects that support the community.


Since 2011 we have supported Cáritas in projects to foster employment and enterprise in Spain. These programs foster the creation and consolidation of social enterprise companies in sectors such as tourism, graphic arts, catering, and agriculture. Furthermore, since 2018 we have been collaborating with the Moda Re initiative, a project engaged in collecting and treating used textiles to be reclaimed and reused through a circular economy model whose goal is to create employment for socially vulnerable people.

New talents

Within the academic field, we collaborate with different universities to participate and promote the development of new talents.