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Inviting By Bohman&Folenius now more tailored to you

24 Oct 2022

The collection that best suits you is back, now with a new version in a clip-on version. Designed by the Scandinavians Bohman&Folenius, Inviting is the luminaire you need to illuminate work or reading spaces. The light source is dimmable, allowing you to adjust both the intensity and the colour temperature.



How can you dim it?


Gently slide the wheel to increase or decrease the intensity of the light or turn it to one side or the other to have a warmer or cooler light. 



Ideal for illuminating workspaces 


Inviting is the ideal lamp to illuminate your work, reading, or study space because it can be directed where you need it most, and it also works with dimmable LEDs. It is very resistant because it is made of aluminium.


This collection has been designed by Bohman&Folenius, a duo of Scandinavian designers who pay special attention to the details and functionality of their creations.


Thanks to its innovative design it has been awarded with different prizes: Reddot award 2019, If Design Award 2019 and German Design Award 2019.



It is available in different versions:


  • Wall lamps: interior sconces perfect for illuminating bedrooms. Available in yellow, black and white



  • Table lamps: this luminaire is ideal for the work area, as thanks to its long arm, you can focus the light where you need it most, avoiding unnecessary shadows. Finishes in yellow, white, black



  • Clamp lamps: with this lamp you can have all the benefits of the table lamp, but you won't take up any surface of your bookcase, work area or table. Available in white, yellow and black.


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