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PUNT Black ceiling fan with DC motor
Ref: 33815
PUNT is a black ceiling fan with black blades, ideal for the ventilation of rooms from 17.6m2 to 28m2. Activated by remote control with programmer (included). This ceiling fan with DC motor has 6 adjustable speeds. PUNT comes with a reverse function summer-winter, so you can also use it in winter, improving the efficiency of your heating system. Suitable for incling room.
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Technical features
Technical data sheet Instructions
General characteristics
General characteristics
voltage: 220V-240V
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Power: 35W
W: 9-12-16-21-30-33
RPM: 100-118-132-152-168-176
Airflow (m3/min): 173
Reverse function: Si
Engine type: DC
No. of blades: 3
Pitched ceiling: Si
Can be installed without seat post: No
Type of control included: Remote control with timer
Body/Structure: Steel
Blade material: ABS
Body/Structure: Black
Dimensions and photometrics
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