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Welcome to MUTAR!

Faro Barcelona is 75 years old and we want to celebrate it with a group exhibition, MUTAR, which will take place in the showroom Carrer de la Princesa, 52. The exhibition opened on Thursday 19 January and will run until 19 February. VENICE, the intervened luminaire designed by Adolfo Abejón, becomes a hybrid skin that mutates and projects the emotions of the artists, the works present feature techniques such as illustration, sculpture and installation.


The pieces intervened by different artists reflect on the idea of transformation, the skin as a limit and the different ways of adapting to new paradigms.

MUTAR is to transcend, to evolve, to leave a mark. 

In this exhibition, VENICE works as a metaphor, creating a narrative thread between all the works, it is an element that invites to evolve, transcend, reflect and MUTATE.

The exhibition features artists from different artistic practices and scenarios who experiment and intervene in the surface of the lamp, transforming and re-signifying it. The pieces reflect on the idea that nothing is permanent, everything fluctuates and changes rapidly and that we must be aware of this.


In MUTAR, Faro Barcelona we propose a curatorship of the space where all the proposals interconnect, impact, alter and complement each other, to enhance a collaborative vision. The pieces are presented as acts of connection, threads that emerge and weave new relationships, a space for reflection.


MUTAR is to transcend, to evolve, to leave a mark.

With the collaboration of Montana Colors: