WINCH lights up La Farandula

La Farandula is a restaurant in Platja d’Aro (Costa Brava, Catalonia). The local has a vintage and industrial style, a mix of original pieces and functional objects.

Proyectos Faro Barcelona

The lighting is important; it transmits warm, freshness and innovation. The light let focus on unique pieces and the perfect election for this local is WINCH. The pendant lamp with scale WINCH lights up one of the most characteristic zone, the wall full of celebrities’ pictures of 40 and 50’s. This lamp gives a serenity and warm ambient. The metallic structure contrasts with the friendly faces.

Winch ilumina La Faràndula

The mirrors with different frames, colors and sizes distribute the reflections around the space and La Farandula seems bigger and comfortable. You can appreciate the magical enviroment thanks to the combination of elements, similar but different. The different lamps between the bar and table’s area separate the busy zone to quiet. The wallpaper, wood and ceramic live together with industrial materials like iron and brick. La Farandula joins cold and warm materials not only an exciting local that reminds to 50’s nightclubs but also modern and warm.