What to find in our new catalogue

If you have already looked through the pages of our new catalogue, you will have seen that by 2020 we want to step on the design, technology and adaptability of our luminaires.

Just in case you don’t know where to start, we will help you:

New designers

Andreu Carulla, Nutcreatives and Isaac Piñero join the renowned list of collaborators with three home designs: GUEST, FOLD and SAVOY respectively. GUEST is a lamp in a wall-mounted and G-shaped version that invites, as the name implies, rest and comfort. Its design allows the incorporation of a tray, which makes it ideal for bedrooms. FOLD, in fact, is also designed for bedrooms, since it is a typically hotel collection that innovates in design and is also presented with reading light. And SAVOY, finally, is at the same time one of the most important novelties of the catalogue, since it allows choosing between different structures and screens to adapt them to each project. The light is reflected through a hoop located at the top. Our own brand

Faro Lab, the design team of Faro Barcelona, has focused on the different possibilities that a specific collection can offer. Proof of this is the FONOVIA lamp, which consists of different rails and covered with sound-absorbing modules, can be mounted longer or smaller; or GUADALUPE lamps. In this collection of screens, the creative team has presented two finishes to combine with the LUPE structures, which come from the already mythical collection with the same name of Jordi Busquets.

Another of the novelties that they bring us are the screens of taped fabric and those of rattan. Two very modern and current materials that turn any compatible structure into a singular object. The light is projected differently in each of them creating warm and comfortable spaces.

For the exterior and following the same line, we propose the HUE. A family of fully customizable luminaires. You can choose from the base, the structure, the skewer, the screens and the length of the cable, to form compositions to suit each client. In this series we can highlight the wicker screens, a very good material for terraces and gardens. The best ceiling fans

Constantly committed to improve and approach the needs of our customers we continue to offer the best in ceiling ventilation. You will find new versions of the JUST FAN and LANTAU models and their small series, which can go with or without light. We add the ALO design for large spaces and incorporate the DECOFAN accessory to give another air to the most special JUST FAN finishes.

More resistant materials

For some outdoor luminaires, we have specially looked at the composition of their materials. The MASK wall lamp, which we already presented a few months ago in dark grey, now comes in white with a reinforcement in its material: it is capable of withstanding more extreme climatic and atmospheric conditions thanks to the treatment that aluminium receives, and therefore has a guarantee 15 years old.

And CADAQUÉS, a design floor lamp, is the first in our catalogue with textilene fabric, a high quality material that also resists temperature changes very well. New technology

If you already use automation technology in your home, this novelty will be very useful. Some of our luminaires can now be controlled through systems such as Alexa, Google assistant & Siri thanks to Smart bulbs. You only need to have a Wi-Fi connection and the Tuya mobile application. You can turn on and off, adjust the intensity, set the time and day and leave default modes ready.

For fans, the program is called IoT and works through the WiZ application, also for mobile phones. In that case the options for controlling the fans are the same as those offered by the remote control. In short, in our new catalogue you will find design news, lamps that can be controlled from devices and even with cameras, models that you already know in different finishes and entire collections where you can choose the type of structure and screens of different materials. Families of luminaires and ceiling ventilation designed for the improvement of your home or business, the well-being of yours and the comfort of any space.