We light the Hotel Avani reception

Faro Barcelona, along with ELDC (European Light and Design Center), lights Hotel Avani in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.


To light the reception desk area, natural light LED recessed lighting provides the perfect light to enable employees to do their job and envelops guests in a comfortable ambience.


To accentuate the warmth of the welcome, xJeR Studio HOSHI desk lamps with dimmers welcome the guests, inviting them to relax and enjoy their stay.


Gold PLAT pendant lights light the entertainment area and lobby, and are a decoy at the same time, since their warm light can be seen from outside.

Hotel Avani has 173 rooms and suites, each of which have amazing views of the city. It is a hotel designed for both business and family trips, since some rooms are interconnecting to comfortably accommodate groups of friends and families.